We Have Moved!

In case you missed it, Darling Amalgamated Retail Emporium has relocated! With the uncertainties of the current health crisis, we decided to try to lower our overhead, and LOWER we did! Darling Amalgamated Retail Emporium is now located at 406 E 48th Street, Minneapolis, in the back of the building, through a beautiful, fairy-like courtyard!

On the main level, you can have Marcy or Erin at Dare Salon manage your mane (by appointment only), or shop for cool locally produced art and gifts. On the LOWER level, you can find more arty gifts, PLUS a badass selection of vintage items (painstakingly curated by Adam & Marcy) – from furniture to miniature clown figurines to the Card Catalog of Curiosities to Grandma June’s accordion (sorry NFS).

DARE 2.0 will be open Saturday, September 19 from 11am-4pm and by appointment thereafter (text 612 454 5456 to schedule) with monthly open days TBD.

Check back often for updates. We hope to see you soon!!!

-Marcy & Adam Darling

Small Business Saturday at The Retail Emporium

We’re not gonna lure you here with the promise of deep discounts on mass-produced crap you and your loved ones don’t want or need, but rather with the promise that you’ll find something unique, locally-sourced, deeply personal, and subtly (or maybe not so subtly) suited to almost everyone in your gift-giving list. ⁣

Delightfully Different Gifts. For real.

Open 10am-4pm.

October Gallery Night Featuring Tge Twisted Pumpkin (aka Mandy Koepp)

Join DARE in welcoming The Twisted Pumpkin (aka Mandy Koepp) for another fun evening of art, wine, GF treats by Atuvava, and tarot readings by Sage Tarot at our October Gallery Night!

Mandy was born and raised in the North Metro. Music and Art were an important part of her life from an early age but it wasn’t until high school that she became interested in sculpting. At 15 she took a new class called Contemporary Arts. The class focused on the non-traditional art classes such as screen printing, collage making, glass blowing and making clay beads with polymer clay. That is when Mandy fell in love with Polymer Clay. She took a trip to Ben Franklin and bought a book about making Polymer Clay Dragon’s and Fairies and a bunch of Sculpey Clay and was hooked ever since.

At 23 she lived in Seattle for a short time as was introduced to the Pop Surrealism/Underground Contemporary art movement. She fell in love with Low Brow style and combining that with her over the top love of Halloween and The Twisted Pumpkin was born.

She is constantly trying new techniques and styles to further her sculpting skills and loves being around other artists and musicians to soak up as much creativity as possible.

Do YOU Have What It Takes???

We are looking for more local (MN) artist/makers to join the eclectic, sometimes weird, often tongue-in-cheek, collection of goods at Darling Amalgamated Retail Emporium. If you think you would fit in, please send an email to Marcy (plantmanager @ darlingamalgamated DOT com) with some photos, your price range and a short essay on why you would be awesome here!

p.s.: we operate on a consignment basis;

p.p.s.: we are full up on jewelry at the moment, but would love quirky functional pottery, fine art prints, and some irreverent greeting cards and other things we haven’t thought of yet;

p.p.p.s.: we are uninterested in baby or Minnesota themed things—don’t get us wrong, we ♥️ babies & MN—there’s just enough of that elsewhere.

June Gallery Night Featuring Angel Hawari

Join DARE in celebrating artist Angel Hawari during our June (Third Saturday) Gallery Night! Saturday June 15, from 5pm-8pm!!!

Angel was born & raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, very near the city of New Orleans, where she developed an appreciation for curious and eclectic things.

Primarily an acrylic painter, Angel’s work features a host of original characters set in intricate environments reminiscent of staged theatrical scenes. Luminous glowing light combined with lush color palettes and adorably awkward imaginary creatures make her art a feast for the eyes for pop surreal art lovers.

She currently lives & works in Minnesota with her clever husband, who can cook anything you could ever dream of eating, and their son who is as messily creative as his parents.

As usual, gf treats by Atuvava, fine grape beverages, from a box, and our friend Sage will again be available for tarot readings.