May Gallery Night Featuring Blythe M Davis

Gallery Night continues on the third Saturday of May with Blythe M. Davis.

Blythe is a south Minneapolis-based interdisciplinary artist. Most of her pieces are painted with encaustic medium (melted beeswax) or sculpted with reclaimed bike parts from local shops and community members.

Blythe is drawn to the rough, ragged, and resistant aspects of the world; those that have withstood the harsh elements and the passage of time. Conceptually, she gains inspiration from the subjects of nature, impermanence, family connection or lack thereof, environmental consciousness and how we make our mark on this world, both literally and figuratively. Painting with encaustic medium provides Blythe with the perfect vehicle given beeswax is uniquely delicate and durable.

While painting Blythe often deals with heavy subject matters. Alternatively, sculpting with reclaimed bicycle parts proves to be a much more light-hearted and whimsical artistic outlet. Blythe aims to keep discarded parts out of landfills while celebrating the incredibly vibrant Twin Cities bike culture with each one-of-a kind bike piece.

As usual, treats by Atuvava, fine grape beverages, from a box, and our friend Sage will again be available for tarot readings ($15 for a 15 minute question reading or $35 for an open reading).

April Gallery Night Featuring Deana Rousseau


Join DARE in welcoming Resident Artist Deana Rousseau to our second Gallery Night! Deana is an abstract expressionist painter — she embraces color through abstraction and in a search of eliciting human emotions, inner peace and self-reflection.

“My aim in painting is to create a pulsating, luminous, and open surface that emanate a mystic light of colors that fit together as pieces in a puzzle. Color is a means of creating an abstract expression, expressing the energy and motion within myself, a path of self discovery.”

Gluten-free refreshments, courtesy of Atuvava, a box or two of wine, and (fee based) Tarot Readings by Sage, will help round out an evening of art/artist.

We hope to see you!!!

(Here is a sneak peek of some of the lush photographs Deana will be showing!)



Get to Know Us

We are planning a Grand Opening Event on Saturday, September 8, 2018 from 2-6pm. Along with a storefront filled with amazing, locally designed clothing, art, gifts, homegoods, and vintage goods, you will get to meet some of our Resident Artists, there will be some awesome locally made snacks, tarot readings, a portrait illustrator (or two), mystery boxes for sale, maybe a kid playing ukulele, and some other fun surprises!!!