April 2020

Join DARE in welcoming ceramic artists Rock Johnsen, Stacey Dallmann, & Ollie Schminkey for another fun evening of art, wine, GF treats by Atuvava, and tarot readings by Sage Tarot!

Sick Kitty Ceramics is the creepy (and often cute!) ceramic stylings of non-binary transgender artist Ollie Schminkey. They believe that ceramic art has the power to to be radical, transformative, and deeply personal.As a transgender artist, they make functional work which challenges the user to come to terms with the body. In particular, they want to force the user to confront their own body, the artist’s body, and the assumptions they’ve made about both of them. What happens when you drink from a cup with teeth along the rim? You become a mouth drinking from a mouth. What happens when you drink from a cup where the handle is made out of clay pressed from molds of the artist’s own fingers? You become someone holding hands with a trans person while you drink your morning coffee. This work seeks to make moments of intentional discomfort and accidental intimacy.Most of all, though, they want you to surround yourself with objects that you love, that were created with love– and to remind you that the best things are weird things

Rock Johnsen was born in Joplin, MO, but currently lives & works in Minneapolis.

The concept for his work comes from exploring the idea of comfort with everyday items like coffee mugs, teacups and bowls. By adding fingers, mouths, and teeth, the pieces created begin to ride a line between discomfort and humor.

Rock is captivated by dualities like disgust and fascination, which is precisely where he thinks art belongs—in everyday situations and invoking a strong emotions either good or bad.

Stacey Dallmann is the maker behind Snew. She was born an artist and would choose to create over anything else most days. After growing up in St. Louis (and a bit in Louisiana) she found herself in Minneapolis in the late 90’s to attend Private Art College and to ruin her life with student loans. She received a BFA in Furniture Design in 2003 and now lives in Anoka with her husband, son, and floof.

Stacey’s purpose on this earth is to create weird art and make people laugh. You can find her doodling, painting, or sculpting delightful inappropriateness while singing and dancing in her basement studio.

There is a huge spot in her heart for oddities and obscurities, being drawn to the dark, mysterious and misfit, but in parallel the cute, retro kitsch, and rainbows.