February 2020

Join DARE in welcoming artists Heather Renaux & Eli Libson for another fun evening of art, wine, GF treats by Atuvava, and tarot readings by Sage Tarot at our First Gallery Night of 2020!


In her Minneapolis studio, artist Heather Renaux specializes in unique Pet Portraits and Family Trees. Her style and wide-ranging subject matter also allow her to disappear into circus tents, dip beneath turbulent sea waters and slip into story nests inhabited by magical fauna.

Renaux trained as an illustrator, receiving her BFA from Otis-Parsons. Since then she’s built a following for her Folk Surrealism paintings via her online shop, gallery exhibits, and summer art festivals.

She toggles between real life, chores like shuttling the kids around in her sexy minivan, and creating enchanted dream worlds. Most days she feels like the luckiest woman alive because she’s living her dream of being a full-time artist.


Who the heck is Eli Libson? He is a dad, a CG artist with over 15 years of experience in the videogame industry, a painter, a sculptor, a horrible writer yet the best storyteller, and among all, a kid at heart.

His art is born from his love of cartoons and fantasy movies, and his purpose hasn’t changed since age 4, and that is to take us on a magical ride by creating unique and beautiful worlds.

His belief is that art should create its own story and hopefully engage your personal creativity.