Living Tree Designs

living tree 3

Unique, eco-friendly and recycled items by Ava Krmpotich

Ava always seemed to know how to sew, something she learned from her mom before she can remember. She inspired Ava to make and wear unique designs (“You don’t want to show up to the party in the same dress as someone else!”).

Ava and her sister Ann (of AnnRocks and Gumball Boutique) have carried on this family tradition to the fullest. Each of the sisters have had their own clothing labels for over 10 tree 2

Working with other artisans is an amazing way to double up on creative juices and support each other.

Ava knows it’s very important to be aware of what materials we are working with and how they impact the living tree 1planet. She “treasure hunts” for materials (never new) and free sews (without a pattern), insuring that each item is one-of-a-kind.